The tools I use as a developer

I, just like many other developers, have a specific setup for my work. And using this post, I want to share it, so if anyone is interested can find here everything.

Editor: Visual Studio Code

Probably the most important tool for my job. It's the tool I spend the most time of the day. I remember using VS Code before the 0.20.0 version and never changed it since. Before that, I used Dreamweaver. I even created a VS Code theme for Dreamweaver in 2016 (with 25k+ installs, wow!).

Theme and Extensions for VS Code

Screenshot with Visual Studio Code

Git Client: GitHub Desktop

When it comes to Git, GitHub Desktop is the best client I used. Switching between repositories, navigating through commits and changes, and playing with branches, everything is fast and intuitive.

Screenshot with Github Desktop

Browser: Google Chrome

For me, Google Chrome has the best Developer Tools.